We are printing nerds

XYД Laboratory serves as a major resource for inspiration, education, collaboration, enjoyment and cultural interests of the citizens. Each of our works is an experiment aimed at redefining of the existing values and principles that guide human behavior. Screen printing, in turn, is the major instrument that we are not afraid to apply to encourage, motivate or simply communicate with the public.

We will cover all your printing needs no matter how big or small the job is.

We don’t just screen print on garment. We also screen print on paper bags, totes, vinyls, towels as well as lighters and skateboard decks. If there is something specific that you require don’t hesitate to contact us

Endless printing

We keep all customer artworks on file, so if you wish to do a re-print of a previous job you have done with us before, all your set-up costs for your new job are eliminated. Keep in mind the design of your re-print must be exactly the same as your previous job.

Lab Capabilities

  • Traditional inks
  • Special Inks
  • Custom Print Location
  • Graphic preparation
  • 4-color process
  • Locally made wares
Head over to our ‘Things’ page to see what we made so far. 


      - The minimum order for screen printing is eight items, in order to avoid the minimum print fee. Smaller orders can be printed; however, it is considerably more expensive due to the set up involved 

      - Lab has the responsibility to insure that the collections of print materials are responsive to the expressed public needs and demands and adjusts to change in order to retain a relevant role in society 

      - Preparation of adult print materials will not be limited by the possibility that personally unacceptable graphic may come into the possession of young people 

      - We will determine what category your design falls under for pricing based on your description of it, we may increase or decrease the price as we see fit 

      - Anyone who commissions, will be sent previews throughout the design process and a low quality, watermarked proof of the finished design before payment 

      - All payments will be made through PayPal (details will be given out when commissioned)

      - After payment, the finished product will be packed and shipped to your address, any original graphics and variation files will be uploaded into a folder and shared through Google Drive


      Our regular turnaround time is 2-3 weeks from receiving the 50% deposit and approval of your orders job sheet. If you wanted to book in a job and pick it up under this time, a 25% rush fee is applied to guarantee the jobs completion by the due date. If you’re unsure whether or not your job falls under the regular turnaround time, send through an email and we’ll be able to help you get your job sorted and ready by its desired completion date.